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  August 2020 | Volume 20, issue 2
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Partnering to protect the public

The Ministry of Long-Term Care has released its report on the recommendations that were outlined in Commissioner Eileen Gillese’s Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry Report, released in July 2019.

During the public inquiry, we learned more about what you expect from CNO — and we didn’t wait for Commissioner Gillese’s final report before taking action to improve. In 2018 and 2019, we strengthened and enhanced our processes, and we continue to do so.

In January 2020, we released Our Response to the Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry Recommendations. This document lists the 10 recommendations specific to CNO in the public inquiry report, and the actions we have taken to protect residents and patients from harm. These actions include:

  • strengthening our process that investigates concerns employers have about a nurse’s practice
  • educating long-term care home employers on what, when and how to report their concerns about a nurse’s practice
  • revising our Reporting Guide for employers, nurses and anyone working with a nurse so they clearly understand what, when and how to report any concerns about a nurse’s practice
  • revising our Reporting form for concerns about a nurse’s practice, so it’s easier for employers to complete and submit.

And we continue to improve. We developed a Code of Conduct that tells the public what to expect from nurses when receiving care. The Code was developed with comprehensive consultation with members of the public, nurses, educators, nursing associations, nursing unions and government. 

 We continue to partner with these groups and employers to ensure everyone in Ontario benefits from safe, quality nursing care.


Keeping our public meetings public

To allow the public to continue to watch our processes in action during COVID-19, CNO is now livestreaming both our discipline hearings and Council meetings.

Before COVID-19, all hearings and Council meetings were held at the CNO office in Toronto, and the public could attend. When our office closed on March 16 in the interest of public health and safety, in-person attendance became impossible. But our commitment to ensuring the public has access to the meetings has not changed.

We’ve started holding discipline hearings by videoconference and livestreaming them on YouTube. (Discipline hearings remain open to the public, unless there is a publication ban.) To learn more about watching a hearing, read our Discipline Hearings page. To attend a hearing, please contact the Hearings Administration Group.

In June, we successfully livestreamed our Council meeting for the first time. To learn how to watch our quarterly Council meetings — the next one is on September 17 — watch for the link on our Council Meetings page. You can also follow our live Council meetings on Twitter

Catching Up

We have a new Council President
We have a new Council president In June, we welcomed a new Council President and two new VPs. Council elected Sandra Robinson, NP, as President. Council also elected Naomi Thick, RN, to the position of Vice-President RN, and re-elected Ashley Fox, RPN, as Vice-President RPN for a second term. You can learn more about the new and returning members of our Executive in the June issue of The Standard.

Our 2019 Annual Report, Innovating with Evidence, is out
The report highlights some of the ways CNO has used evidence over the last year to improve its processes and better protect the public. The report focuses on three of our key accomplishments in 2019: reducing risk, putting patient safety first and good governance. You can read the report here.

Where to find our COVID-19 Practice Resources page
Since March, we’ve been continually updating our COVID-19 Practice Resources page with answers to nurses’ COVID-19-related practice questions. On that page, you’ll find information about mental health support for nurses, the standard of care during the pandemic, and the Emergency Assignment Class. You can learn more here.

Continue to check out COVID-19 Practice Resources page, as we update it often. You should also keep checking the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s dedicated COVID-19 website for health care professionals. It includes directives, memorandums and other resources.

In addition, CNO’s Practice Quality team can help with your nursing practice inquires.

This is an unprecedented time in health care, and nurse employers across the province continue to demonstrate leadership in patient care. Thank you for all that you’ve done to support Ontarians during this challenging time.

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