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Updates to Practice Standards

The Nurse Practitioner and Decisions About Procedures and Authority practice standards have had minor revisions to align its content with recent changes to the controlled acts authorized to NPs. Council approved these changes at the March council meeting. 

New practice expectations were explored, developed and consulted on after NPs gained authority to apply ultrasound without restrictions on Jan. 1, 2018. These expectations support safe practice. 

What are the new expectations? 

Procedures may be performed for the purposes of health assessment, diagnosis and/or therapeutic management. NPs should also ensure reliable quality assurance systems are in place. For example, to ensure the equipment they are using is giving accurate results. These expectations are now captured in the NP Standard

Performing procedures at the point of client care in practice settings where health services are routinely performed is an expectation now included in Decisions About Procedures and Authority. 

The revised standards are designed to reflect current and future practice.  Read our Ask Practice FAQs and NP Practice Q&As to better understand the new expectations.

Page last reviewed March 22, 2018