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QA Assessment - What you need to know to complete Part B

This section applies to you if you have been selected to complete Part B.

For Part B: Practice Assessment, you are required to complete the Practice Assessment template, which contains both the learning plan (Section 1) and the Code of Conduct practice activity (Section 2). You must complete and submit both Section 1 and 2. Nurse Practitioners are also required to complete a case example.

The following resources are available to support you in successfully completing your requirements for Part B: 

Section 1: Annual learning plan

For this section of your QA Assessment you need to reflect on your practice and identify areas for your continued learning. Based on your practice reflection, you must provide two separate learning goals in your learning plan submission.

If you need help to identify learning goals, the following resources can help you reflect on your nursing practice:

A few examples of what a learning plan may look like are included below: 

Section 2: Code of Conduct practice activity

For this section of your QA Assessment, you need to review and reflect on the Code of Conduct principles and provide two different examples in your practice, which demonstrate how each principle you have selected applies to your practice. Here is an example of a Code of Conduct practice activity

Nurse Practitioner case example

The Nurse Practitioner (NP) case example section applies only to NPs who have been selected for QA Assessment Part B. It is an opportunity to present a case example from your clinical practice, which demonstrates your application of the Nurse Practitioner practice standard.  

A few examples of what an NP case example may look like are included below

The following resources support you in successfully completing your NP case example requirements:

How to submit your QA assessment to Sharepoint 

You will submit your completed QA Assessment by adding it to your secure, personal SharePoint folder. To protect your privacy and security, CNO uses a multi-factor authentication (MFA) process when you submit Part B QA Assessment activities via SharePoint. The following guides explain how this process works and how to use SharePoint:  

Further information

If you would like to review our QA Assessment webinar, you can watch this video. You also can read some frequently asked questions  addressed in the webinar.

Contact us 

  • If you have questions or require additional assistance for Multi-Factor Authentication or SharePoint, you can contact the CNO Information Security Team at infosec@cnomail.org. Available hours for support are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • If you have questions about the QA Assessment process, you can also reach out to the QA Program at QAassessment@CNOmail.org, 416-963-3922, or 1-800-387-5526 (ext. 3922).

Thank you for your commitment to upholding nursing accountabilities and patient safety.  




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