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Standard of care and nurses’ accountabilities 

The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) protects the public by promoting safe nursing practice

CNO understands that the health care system and all health care professionals continue to experience challenging and unsettling times. We understand that for nurses these challenges bring a high degree of uncertainty and stress. You may be concerned about being able to maintain standards of practice, particularly when moving to other practice areas, navigating new team structures, working with different patient populations or managing demanding workloads. We want to assure you that, for each situation, the standard of care is always considered in context.

CNO continues to appreciate and applaud your commitment and dedication. We understand you are considering patient needs, public safety, and doing your very best every day.

Employers of nurses play an important role in working with CNO to serve and protect the public's right to safe and ethical nursing care. 

This section contains information and services of interest to nursing employers across the province.