Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee

The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee screens matters related to public complaints or information CNO receives through reports. The committee reviews written materials and determines whether a hearing is required or if some other action, such as remediation and/or a verbal caution, would address the public interest.

Remediation Program and/or Caution Order(s)

The committee may require a nurse to complete an education and remediation program, or may issue a verbal caution. If a caution is required, the nurse must appear before the committee to hear concerns and receive advice about their practice.

The goal of both the remediation program and the caution is to improve the nurse’s practice through education. They are not disciplinary in nature and do not impose practice restrictions on the nurses certificate of registration. It is a chance for the nurse to reflect on the issues investigated and ensure they are practising according to the standards going forward. Details of a nurse’s remediation program and/or caution are posted on CNO’s public register, Find a Nurse.

Interim Orders

At any time following the receipt of a complaint or the appointment of an investigator, the committee has the authority to impose an interim suspension or terms, conditions or limitations on a nurse’s certificate of registration until the matter is settled.

Depending on the matter under review, the committee considers the results of a health inquiry or misconduct investigation, or may accept a resolution proposed by the nurse and complainant.

Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee Members

Patricia Sullivan-Taylor, RN, Chair  
Ashely-Chandni Ahuja, NP* 
Shana Anjema, RN* 
Jay Armitage, PM 
Mary Campbell, RN*
Samantha Diceman, RPN* 
Terry Holland, RPN* 
Raj Kaur, RPN 
Nicole Krywionek, RN* 
Rodolfo Lastimosa, Jr., RPN  
Sylvain Leduc, NP  

Grace Oltmann, RN 
Fidelia Osime, PM 
Mary Ellen Renwick, RN 
Donna Rothwell, RN* 
Diane Scott, PM 
Maria Sheculski, PM
Shelley Sheedy, RN* 
Diane Thompson, PM 
Amy Vandekemp, RPN*
Angela Ven den Hoven, RPN* 
Heather Whittle, NP* 

*Appointed committee member

Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee 2022 Annual Report 




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