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The College recognizes that from time to time, topics of interest come to the forefront. Whether important to the College and our members, making news headlines, or a trending topic in social media, they require access by the public. You will find in this section, information of note.  Although it may not always be in the headlines, it is important to stay informed.    

  • Modernizing Applicant Assessment

    Refer to this page regularly to be notified about ongoing work on the Modernizing Applicant Assessments project. Why is CNO updating application requirements? CNO is accountable for ensuring that nurses are qualified and safe to practice. For applicants, our processes must be transparent, impartial...

  • Modernizing Standards

    CNO is working on modernizing practice standards to reflect the evolving health care needs of patients and the dynamic nature of the nursing profession.  

  • Journey to RN prescribing

    CNO is your primary source for timely and accurate information about RN prescribing. On May 17, 2017, the Ontario government changed the Nursing Act to permit RNs to prescribe medication and to communicate diagnoses for the purpose of prescribing medication. The changes were made to improve...

  • Governance Vision

    At its December 2016 meeting, CNO’s Council approved a vision for governance. This vision will ensure the College’s board remains an effective leader in building the public’s trust that the board is focused on the public’s needs and interests.

  • NPs and Prescribing Controlled Substances

    Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in Ontario can prescribe controlled substances, if they have completed approved controlled substances education. The education covers competencies related to safe, effective and ethical prescribing, and managing clients who are treated with controlled substances. NPs,...

  • Medical Assistance in Dying

    The Medical Assistance in Dying information page is where you will find important updates, information and resources that impact nurses in Ontario.  We will be updating this page as more information becomes available, and we encourage you to check back often.

  • About NCLEX-RN

    The National Council Licensure Examination – Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is an entry-to-practice examination for those applying to become a Registered Nurse. It tests the competencies nurses need at the beginning of their careers.




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