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CNO develops expedited registration process for nurses registered in another Canadian jurisdiction

New solution will enable CNO to register nurses within days

The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) protects the public through the promotion of safe nursing practice. This includes the registration of nurses with the knowledge, skill and judgment to practice safely in Ontario.  

“Starting July 4, 2023, CNO will implement a new process that will make it easier and faster for nurses who are registered in another Canadian province or territory to work in Ontario,” said Carol Timmings, CNO Chief Quality Officer and Deputy Registrar.  “These expedited processes will enable CNO to register nurses within days, while still ensuring that they meet the standards and expectations for nursing practice in Ontario.”

The new process will involve changes to two existing requirements that pose the most significant barriers to timely registration for applicants who are currently registered in another Canadian jurisdiction: the needs to demonstrate recent practice and good standing in the nurses' Canadian jurisdiction.

Currently, to register as a nurse in Ontario, applicants need to prove they have practiced nursing in the last three years. This is called evidence of practice. If they worked as a nurse outside of Ontario, they also need to show that they have a valid certificate of registration from the nursing regulatory body in that jurisdiction.

The expedited process simplifies the application process for applicants who are already registered in another Canadian jurisdiction. Applicants can choose to sign a declaration of good standing and request a verification of registration from their current regulator. Additionally, CNO will contact the employer directly to verify work information instead of waiting for the employer to do so.

This change is expected to benefit both nurses and employers, as it will expedite the registration process of labour mobility applicants from across Canada and help build health human resource capacity in some areas of Ontario.

Page last reviewed July 04, 2023