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New Strategic Plan 2021-2024

CNO is excited to kick off 2021 with the release of our new Strategic Plan, charting a new course for CNO and transforming how we see the future.  

To develop our Strategic Plan 2021-2024, we used a valuable and collaborative process. It encouraged us to think more broadly about our role as a regulator and protecting public safety in a rapidly changing heath care environment. The outcome is a robust Strategic Plan that will advance our purpose: To protect the public by promoting safe nursing practice.

With our new Strategic Plan, we will continue to become a more agile and proactive organization. We will reinforce our commitment to a system-wide approach to nursing regulation, and the role we play in preventing harm before it occurs. We will achieve this by using data driven insights to inform decision making, continuously educating nurses about safe nursing practice and by working with new and existing stakeholders to influence the broader care system.

Thank you to Ontario’s nurses and all our partners in safety for sharing insights that informed our new Strategic Plan. By working with you to protect the public we can make a greater collective impact on patient care and the system in which it is delivered.

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Page last reviewed January 15, 2021