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Ministry of Long-Term Care releases report on Public Inquiry recommendations

The Ministry of Long-Term Care has released its Report back on the Gillese Inquiry on the recommendations outlined in Commissioner Eileen Gillese’s Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry Report, released in July 2019.

During the public inquiry, we learned more about what you expect from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) — and we started taking action to improve prior to Commissioner Gillese’s final report. In 2018 and 2019, we strengthened and enhanced our processes, and we continue to do so.

In January 2020, we released Our Response to the Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry Recommendations. This document lists the 10 recommendations specific to CNO in the public inquiry report, and the actions we have taken to protect long-term care residents and patients from harm. These actions include educating nurses, employers and other stakeholders about:

  • the possibility that a nursing colleague is causing intentional harm to a patient
  • a nurse’s professional accountabilities to protect their patients and to report any concern about a nursing colleague’s practice
  • educating long-term care home employers and nurses on what, when and how to report their concerns about a nurse’s practice
  • revising our Reporting Guide for employers, nurses and anyone working with a nurse to help them clearly understand what, when and how to report any concerns about a nurse’s practice
  • strengthening our process that investigates concerns employers have about a nurse’s practice.

And we continue to improve. We developed a Code of Conduct that tells you what to expect from nurses when receiving care. The Code was developed with comprehensive consultation with members of the public, nurses, educators, nursing associations, nursing unions and government. We continue to partner with these groups to ensure you benefit from safe, quality nursing care.

Page last reviewed July 30, 2020