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New Code of Conduct webcast

To help nurses understand how to apply the Code of Conduct to their nursing practice, we have created a new webcast.

The webcast, called Code of Conduct: An overview, also helps members of the public understand what they can expect from nurses when receiving care.

The webcast has six sections — one for each principle in the Code. In each section, we explain nurses’ accountabilities for each principle. These accountabilities apply to all nurses regardless of their role, job description or practice setting.

To help nurses apply these accountabilities to specific situations they may encounter in their practice, the webcast includes scenarios. The scenarios illustrate how nurses should apply the principles in Code. Some of these scenarios include:

  • providing timely care
  • continuing competency
  • social media use
  • when there is a conflict of interest
  • maintaining boundaries and accepting gifts
  • taking accountability for mistakes
  • protecting patients from harm and maintaining health

You can watch the webcast at www.cno.org/code-of-conduct-webcast and on our YouTube channel.

Page last reviewed July 02, 2019