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New and updated reporting requirements for health care providers who immunize

The Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) has been amended to include new and updated reporting requirements for adverse events following immunizations (AEFIs) and diseases of public health significance. 

An AEFI is any event or reaction that occurs after receiving a vaccine. Health care providers, including members of the College of Nurses of Ontario, must now report AEFIs for all authorized vaccines in Canada. For an updated list of authorized vaccines and the required information in an AEFI report, refer to Ontario Regulation 569. 

The lists of designated diseases, now known as diseases of public health significance (Ontario Regulation 135/18) have also been updated and combined into one list. This list reflects current public health priorities and includes all communicable, virulent diseases that must be reported to the local Medical Officer of Health. 

For questions about these reporting requirements, nurses are asked to contact their local public health unit. 

Page last reviewed September 28, 2018