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Program Approval Pilot success

A new, more efficient process for Nursing Education Program Approval is ready to launch following a successful pilot project. 

The new process ensures that all nursing programs meet comprehensive standards that put patient safety first. It provides an unbiased foundation for consistently assessing programs. As well, our program approval processes and decision-making are clear, objective and transparent. 

What sets our process apart is the amount of evidence and consultation we put into it. To develop it, we sought input from frontline nurses, nursing educators and leaders, clinical instructors, students and other regulators. The goal is to deliver a quality process that is sustainable over time. 

During the pilot, we used evidence, learnings and critical feedback from the volunteer schools and assessors to improve the process. 

A key learning from the pilot was the importance of ensuring the program was streamlined and cost effective. With this in mind, we decided to not use a third party to administer the process. By administrating the program ourselves, we will keep costs low.  

The pilot was supported by Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN), who partnered with us to administer the pilot. We would like to thank CASN for their important contributions to the new process.   

Under the new process, we will review the structure, curriculum and outcomes of the programs about every seven years. Annually, we’ll monitor selected measures, such as nursing registration exam results. We’ll use all this information to make recommendations to our Council, who make program approval decisions. 

You can find the approval status of all Ontario nursing education programs at www.cno.org/programs.

Page last reviewed June 04, 2018