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Important Notice: Correcting inaccurate information about RN prescribing

On July 18 and again on July 21, the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) sent their members inaccurate information about the College of Nurses of Ontario’s work on RN prescribing.

Unfortunately, ONA circulated the information to its members without contacting CNO to ensure it was correct. 

This misinformation has created confusion among many Ontario RNs who have contacted CNO with unnecessary concerns about RN prescribing.

This notice provides the correct information about RN prescribing. 

ONA communication states: “Many of our members have identified to ONA, our union, that they are not happy with the CNO’s proposal to put a notation on the public register that RNs have “restrictions” on their practice if they have not completed the education on prescribing drugs”  

Correct Information: There has been no such proposal. CNO’s work to implement RN prescribing is at an early stage and there have been no discussions or decisions about what, if any, information will appear on the public Register, Find a Nurse.

ONA communication states:  “It is very important that you complete the CNO’s survey, sent to you by email only, and strongly oppose the CNO’s proposed language.” 

Correct information: No action is required by any nurse.  Using a scientifically sound sampling methodology, the survey was sent to a random sample of 9,000 Ontario RNs.  

Random sampling prevents selection bias and ensures results are generalizable and a reliable source of evidence. Sending the survey to anyone who was not part of the random sample would skew the results and hinder CNO’s work of regulating nursing in the public interest.

The survey currently underway is not an in-depth consultation about RN prescribing. Rather, it is an exploratory research to collect general information that will help inform early work related to this new RN scope of practice. There will be opportunities for you to participate in consultation and provide feedback to CNO in the coming months on a range of topics, including content that may appear on the public register. CNO will inform you about these opportunities through its website, The Standard and Facebook. 

CNO will also share the results of the survey with all nurses and other stakeholders. 

CNO is your primary source for timely and accurate information about RN prescribing. To avoid confusion and learn the facts, read our Trending Topics page.

Page last reviewed July 21, 2017