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RN competencies document revised

The Competencies for Entry-Level Registered Nurse Practice document has been revised and is in effect as of January 13, 2014.

This document outlines the knowledge, skill, and judgement necessary for safe and ethical practice for all RNs in Ontario. It also guides many of the College's regulatory functions, including nursing education, practice and competency assessments.

The revision of this document was a national collaboration with other nursing jurisdictions across Canada. Environmental scans, literature reviews, and feedback from practising RNs were used to help revise the competencies. Some of the changes include:

  • combining similar competencies to reduce redundancy
  • updated competency statements that reflect current health care trends and nursing practice.
  • an additional section that outlines the purpose and ways in which the competencies are applied

The College would like to thank all members who participated in the review and revision of this document, as well as the Jurisdictional Collaborative Process Committee for the foundational work on this document.

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