Quality Assurance Assessment

Quality Assurance Assessment promotes nurses’ continuing competence and quality improvement of their practice.

Each year, CNO randomly selects nurses from the General and Extended class to participate in a Quality Assurance (QA) Assessment. If you are selected, you will be notified by email with instructions on how to complete the assessment requirements.

There are two components to QA Assessment:

  1. Part A – Knowledge Assessment
    Activities for Part A: Knowledge Assessment include:
    • Completing online learning modules
    • Completing knowledge checks 
  2. Part B – Practice Assessment   
    Activities for Part B: Practice Assessment include:
    • Submitting a current learning plan
    • Completing a Code of Conduct practice activity 

NPs selected for Part B also will complete an NP case example with the Learning Plan and Code of Conduct practice activity.


QA Assessment includes optional coaching. Coaching is a supportive way to guide you through your QA Assessment. It gives you an opportunity to work directly with a QA Peer Coach to help you understand your learning needs and improve your future practice.

QA Peer Coaches are nurses trained in coaching principles. They also have in-depth knowledge of CNO's practice standards, guidelines and QA Assessment requirements. They are responsible to review and assess your QA activities, and write a report to the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee about your submission.

Remedial support 

The QA program is a supportive program and at times, nurses require additional support to complete their QA Assessment. If a QA Peer Coach assesses a nurse as unsatisfactory, the nurse may be directed to complete remedial support activities. This component involves a mandatory meeting with a QA Peer Coach and completing a written practice reflection. At the meeting, the nurse and Peer Coach will discuss the reflection in more detail to ensure the nurse is practicing safely and competently. Once completed, the QA Peer Coach again writes a report for the QA Committee.  

Quality Assurance Committee

The QA Committee is one of CNO’s statutory committees. It is made up of elected council members, public members and nurses that CNO appoints.   

The QA Committee is responsible for ensuring nurses comply with all aspects of the QA program and makes decisions about a nurse’s participation by reviewing the QA Peer Coach’s report.




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