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Verification of Registration Request

The purpose of this document is to verify to another regulatory board that you are, or were, registered with CNO. This document cannot be sent to an employer or a school.

Members can use Maintain Your Membership (MYM) to submit a request to verify their registration status for another regulator.

Once you login with your email and password, follow the steps in Request Verification of Registration or View Verification Requests to submit your request or view the status of your request.

Your Verification of Registration request requires payment via MasterCard, Visa or American Express. With tax, the processing fee is $16.95.  

Once your payment is received, we will begin processing your request. We strongly recommend you apply to the recipient board before making this request with CNO. Please allow six weeks for processing.

When your verification request is completed, you will be sent an email notification to the email address on your MYM account.

All verifications of registration are sent electronically. Service by mail, fax or courier is not available.

If you require assistance with this process please Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a verification request and then pay later?

No, unpaid verification requests are not saved. You are required to pay the fee at the time you make the request. If you do not, you will have to create a new request.

I am a dual member and I need a verification sent for both my Registered Nurse (RN) and Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) registrations.  Can I make a verification request for both at the same time?

You can only make one verification request at a time for each category of registration. If you need a verification sent for both your RN and RPN registrations, then you will have to submit and pay for the RN verification first, and then submit and pay for the RPN verification. These are separate requests.

I am a Registered Nurse in the Extended Class (Nurse Practitioner) and I used to be registered as an RN in the General Class. If I need a verification sent for both classes of registration, do I have to pay for them separately?

No, you do not. You have the same RN registration number for both classes. CNO requires a different verification fee only if you hold different categories of registration (RN vs RPN), but not if you hold a different class of registration with the same registration number (RN Extended vs RN General) or (RPN General vs RPN Non-Practising).

I received the email notification from CNO that my verification request was completed over 30 days ago, but the recipient board doesn’t have it in my application.  How do I request a resend? 

Document processing times with other regulators do vary and regulators may not keep your document if you did not have an application open with them at the time it was sent. We recommend you first contact the board and provide them with the date it was sent and allow them time to look for the verification document. If it was not received, please contact us and we will determine if a resend is available. Please note, CNO only resends verification documents without an additional fee if it has been less than 60 days since it was completed. If your registration status has changed since your verification was completed (for example, you have renewed or resigned your registration with CNO), then this is considered a new request and a resend is not available.




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