September 2019

Making our Privacy Policy more transparent

We are committed to protecting the personal information you entrust to us. That’s why we’ve been working to develop a new Privacy Policy that is more up-to-date and transparent about how we protect and share your personal information. The new policy, which replaces our previous Privacy Code, went into effect on Sept. 16 and features:

  • linked sections to make navigation easier

  • clear, easy to understand language

  • a section highlighting our website and social media practices

  • a section outlining the specific steps we take to keep your personal information secure (for instance, identifying exactly when and why we disclose personal information)

To develop the new policy, we worked with an external privacy expert who provided invaluable insight into our data sharing, security and web-tracking processes, so we could clearly relay this in the new Privacy Policy.

You can read the new Privacy Policy here. If you have questions, contact

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