October 2023

CNO Presents on Modernizing Registration at CLEAR Conference

CNO’s Angela McNabb, RN and Manager of Registration Modernization, presented at the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) Annual Educational Conference. The conference was held in Salt Lake City, Utah from Sept. 27–30, 2023.

The presentation discussed CNO’s approach to improving the application process for all applicants, focusing on internationally educated applicants to ensure more nurses can practice safely in Ontario.

“It was an honour to present on CNO’s efforts to modernize applicant assessment for IENs (Internationally Educated Nurses), alongside my international peers. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase CNO’s innovative approach to nursing registration and to learn from other regulators around the world,” said McNabb. “CNO is committed to ensuring that our assessment processes are fair, transparent and evidence-informed for all applicants, regardless of where they obtained their education."

The presentation highlighted some of the initiatives that CNO developed to improve the registration process for IENs, for example, updating the language proficiency requirement and criminal record check, changes to Temporary Registration and Reinstatement regulations in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and providing more guidance and resources such as the Supervised Practice Experience Program, for applicants and employers.

"We are proud of the work we have done to improve the assessment and integration of IENs, who are a valuable and diverse group of professionals that contribute to the quality and safety of care in Ontario,” said McNabb.

The CLEAR conference is the largest international event for professional and occupational regulators, with a focus on promoting regulatory excellence. The conference features sessions on various topics related to regulatory administration, governance, compliance, discipline, enforcement, testing, examinations, entry to practice standards and continuing competence. The conference also provides opportunities for networking and collaboration among regulators from different jurisdictions and sectors.

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