May 2023

Council will consider a new practice standard focused on scope

It’s part of CNO’s modernization efforts 

The College of Nurses of Ontario protects the public through the promotion of safe nursing practices. This includes an ongoing project where CNO is modernizing our practice standards to support safe patient care.

As a result of this work, CNO’s new Code of Conduct will take effect Monday, June 5, 2023, and a new practice standard focusing on nursing scope of practice will be brought to Council for approval in June. 

As part of our modernization we review existing standards and guidelines and integrate relevant content within newly updated standards. This approach reduces duplication, promotes consistency and ensures standards are current, reflecting the modern nature of the nursing profession.

Since key information and principles from other existing practice standards and guidelines are embedded into our modernized standards, Council will consider phasing out some of our older practice standards, ensuring relevance for nurses today and in the future.

If Council approves phasing out practice standards, we will let you know and point you to resources that support this change. To align with Council’s decision, CNO will also phase out certain guidelines and other practice resources. Make sure you follow our June Council meeting and our social media channels for updates, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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