March 2019

2019 Council election results

In 2019, we held Council elections in the Toronto, Central, and Central Eastern districts. Positions were available for two RNs (or NPs) in each district, plus one RPN in the Central Eastern district. 

We'd like to welcome the following new and returning members of Council: 

Central RNs
Jane Walker
Monica Klein-Nouri 

Toronto RNs
Ryan Henderson
Sandra Robinson 

Central Eastern RNs
Dawn Cutler
Tanya Dion 

Central Eastern RPNs
Terry Holland

View the complete results of the vote: 2019 Council Election results

The new Council members will join a committed team of nurses and members of the public who work together to protect the public, maintain trust in nursing care and build confidence in nursing regulation.

To learn more about Council and Council elections, go to

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