June 2023

CNO shares insights at international nursing conference

The Montreal conference features the theme “Nurses together”

We look forward to attending the upcoming International Council of Nurses Congress (ICN), which brings together nurses from around the world to share best practices, research and knowledge. The ICN Congress is the largest international nursing conference in the world and is happening in Montreal from Saturday, July 1 to Wednesday, July 5, 2023, with the theme “Nurses together: A force for global health.”

“I’m looking forward to sharing our expertise and learning from Canadian and international colleagues in Montreal,” said Angela McNabb, RN and Manager of Registration Modernization at CNO, who will attend the conference and share a poster. “It’s an opportunity to contribute to the global nursing conversation and share CNO’s leading commitment to public safety. It’s a privilege to be part of that.”

This year, CNO will share e-posters concerning key themes affecting nurses and the health system, including: Education, Entry-to-Practice, Registration Exams, the Modernization of the Applicant Assessment Program, Temporary Class Registration changes and Standards Modernization. CNO staff also is giving a presentation on Standards Modernization. Each of these themes contributes to health human resources in different ways, while maintaining the standard of care to protect the public and promote patient safety.

This educational event serves as a hub for hosting nurses, health leaders and national nursing associations from around the world. Event organizers have compiled a list of speakers, clinicians, students and academics to contribute to the important conversations facing many jurisdictions. We are pleased to be participating so we can learn and share best practices.

If you are able to attend in person, we look forward to seeing you there. You can follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) and stay up to date on the latest event details by following the hashtag #ICNCongress.

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