A year of responding with resilience

Our 2020 Annual Report, Rising to the Challenge, is now available. In an unprecedented year of challenge and change, this report outlines some of the ways CNO quickly responded to ensure patients could receive safe nursing care, no matter the circumstance.

The report spotlights some of our initiatives over the past year, such as helping more nurses provide care in the health care system, and our continual efforts to keep our members and the public informed about COVID-19. 

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What did Council decide?

CNO’s board of directors, which is called Council, meets quarterly to provide oversight, insight and foresight into CNO’s strategic direction. At their June 3 meeting, Council discussed the new REx-PN™ exam and our work to modernize the practice standards. Council also approved five new nursing education programs, the 2020 Annual Report for submission to the Minister of Health, and a new cut-off date for having passed the NCLEX-RN as part of evaluating the education of internationally educated RN applicants.


Council reviewed CNO’s 2020 Annual Report, called “Rising to the Challenge.” The report highlights some of CNO’s activities in 2020, with a focus on how we responded to every unplanned development with resilience and agility. The annual report explains our work and its impact on the people of Ontario. 


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Find more on MAID

If you are an NP who provides Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), or an RN or RPN who supports NPs or provides nursing care to patients receiving MAID, CNO has more guidance for you.


Our Guidance on Nurses’ Roles in Medical Assistance in Dying resource provides information about nurses’ accountabilities related to MAID. We have updated it to reflect the recent changes resulting from Bill C-7’s changes to the Criminal Code.


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