June 2019

Applicant Portal delivers great results

In September 2018, we launched a portal on cno.org that moved the process for applying to become a nurse online.

Our new portal makes it easier for qualified applicants to register with CNO and begin working in Ontario. This is one of our biggest accomplishments of 2018. Since then, more than 8,000 people have successfully registered as nurses.

Through the online portal, applicants no longer have to wait to receive paper application and registration packages from us, and then mail them back after filling them out manually.

Using the portal, they can now: 

  • submit their applications

  • update their personal information (for example, address and email)

  • pay fees and see receipts

  • schedule exams and request accommodations for physical or mental disabilities

  • upload documents

  • receive updates about their application in a personal message centre

Since we launched the portal, we’ve asked users to tell us about their experience. We’re pleased to say the feedback has been very positive. In a recent survey, 95% of newly registered nurses told us they were either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the online portal.

We also asked users how they felt about the application process itself. Since we launched the portal, 87% of respondents said they were very or somewhat satisfied with the application process compared to 66% when the application was paper-based. Also, 77% were very or somewhat satisfied with the time it took to complete the process compared to 57% before the online portal.

We also received feedback on specific activities that applicants performed on the portal, such as registering for an exam or uploading documents. Approximately 90% of users reported that it was easy to perform the activities.

Among the small number of people who said they had difficulties, some had issues related to registering for exams. To help users, we have provided clearer information about exam registration and withdrawal. Also, some applicants who registered toward the end of the year told us it wasn’t clear that they would have to renew their membership before Dec. 31. We are making changes to the portal to show users that they have the option to register immediately or wait until the start of the next membership year if they want to avoid paying both fees so close together.

We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the online portal and identify issues as more people complete applications entirely through the portal.

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