How we changed and grew in 2018

Our 2018 Annual Report, titled “Partners in Safety,” is out now! It highlights the many ways CNO collaborated with and reached out to nurses, patients, members of the public, nurse employers, academics and others over the last year. We all need to work together to uphold safe nursing care for the people of Ontario.

The easy-to-read, visually impactful report includes a review of our five biggest accomplishments in 2018... 

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Applicant Portal delivers great results

In September 2018, we launched a portal on that moved the process for applying to become a nurse online. Our new portal makes it easier for qualified applicants to register with CNO and begin working in Ontario.

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Have you completed your learning goals in your annual Quality Assurance Learning Plan?

Whether you're on track or need some guidance, we can help. 

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Understanding the Code of Conduct: Principle 1

The Code is divided into six principles that reflect the fundamental values at the core of nursing. At the core of nursing is the therapeutic nurse-client relationship. This relationship is based on trust, respect, empathy and professional intimacy.

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Preventing patient sexual abuse

In order to stop sexual abuse before it happens, we decided to learn more about what causes a nurse to abuse a patient. Over a year ago, we began a research study with the goal of identifying common trends that can lead to abuse. Over the course of our research, we reviewed all the sexual abuse reports we received between 2000-2017 — about 280 sexual abuse matters.


Through our research, we learned that...


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