July 2019

Tell us what you think about our new Quality Assurance tools

Have you heard that Quality Assurance is changing? This mandatory program, which requires you to update your knowledge and skills every year, is getting a makeover. We will begin rolling out parts of the new program in 2020.

Before we launch the new program, we need feedback from nurses like you. A big component of the program has been the development of new self-assessment tools, including a Practice Reflection Worksheet and an Action Plan – a learning plan to address your identified areas for improvement.

Now, we want to know if the new self-assessment tools are effective in supporting nurses in their annual learning. To find out, we’re reaching out to a random sample of nurses with an invitation to participate in a pilot evaluation this fall. If you’ve been selected to participate, you’ll receive your invitation via email later this month.

We will use your feedback about the tools to refine and improve them before launching our new QA Program in 2020.

Why are we focusing on self-assessment tools? Because research shows that health care professionals who are able to critically reflect on their practice, identify their learning gaps and address those learning needs are safer practitioners than those who don’t. In short: reflective nurses are better nurses, because reflective nurses are lifelong learners.

To develop the new self-assessment tools, we consulted with NPs, RNs and RPNs, as well as employers, academics, nursing students and nursing associations. These groups gave us feedback about the usability, comprehensiveness and relevance of the new self-assessment tools, which we used to refine the tools further.

You can learn more about the new QA Program on our Quality Care page. If you have questions, email qualitycare@cnomail.org.

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