Scope of practice for NPs and RPNs to expand

Recently, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care asked us to begin the work required to expand NPs’ and RPNs’ scope of practice. This expanded scope will increase patients' choice of and access to health care services.   

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Stopping sexual abuse before it happens

The more you know about sexual abuse, the better you will be able to advocate for patients and stop abuse before it happens. Read on to understand what sexual abuse is, what the warning signs are, and why and how to maintain appropriate boundaries with patients.

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Tell us what you think about our new Quality Assurance tools

Have you heard that Quality Assurance is changing? This mandatory program, which requires you to update your knowledge and skills every year, is getting a makeover. We will begin rolling out parts of the new program in 2020. Before we launch the new program, we need feedback from nurses like you.

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What would you do?

Carmella's patient, George, has been in a coma for several months. George’s family is requesting his breathing and feeding tubes be withdrawn and George be allowed to die. Carmella is very upset. This decision does not align with her personal beliefs. She wonders if she is required to provide care when the patient’s care plan conflicts strongly with her beliefs. What should Carmella do?


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How much do you know about authorizing mechanisms?

Direct orders, directives, delegation and initiation: these authorizing mechanisms give nurses the authority to implement treatment plans and protocols. How much do you know? Take our quiz and test your knowledge!

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You Asked Us

Can nurses in independent practice administer Botox?

Because administering Botox is a cosmetic procedure, it may seem to be a low-risk activity. This is not true. Find out who can administer Botox, and when. 

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