December 2022

Silvie Crawford reflects on 2022

She’s looking forward to building on successes in 2023

The end of the calendar year is an opportunity to reflect, and by any measure 2022 was extraordinary.

There continued to be significant challenges in our health care system, and there was also great work accomplished to support safe nursing practice and patient safety.

Looking back on the year that was, I am so grateful for all the dedicated work that so many nurses, health care partners and College of Nurses of Ontario staff contributed. That work from these different groups took all sorts of forms, whether it was administering vaccines, anticipating the needs of patients or implementing policies to support health human resources, and all of it combined to make our health care system better.

At CNO, we have been hard at work in 2022 to do our part. We set new registration records, with 12,197 new registrants as of Dec. 1. That in part reflects the success of our new Supervised Practice Experience Program, which launched in Jan. 2022 and through which we have since registered over 1,000 nurses. We also modernized the applicant assessment experience and, working with the government, updated the Temporary Class registration. These are just a few examples of our efforts to support the health care system with nurses who have the knowledge, skill and judgment to practice safely.

We know that there is more work to do, so we are looking forward to 2023. It represents an opportunity to build on our collective success, and I’m excited to do so.

While the work each of us does across the health care system is varied, we are all united by a shared purpose to protect the public through safe nursing practice. I hope that you give yourself the opportunity to reflect on the past year and all the contributions you have made in big and small ways — it's easy to lose sight of the difference we can make. It is important to acknowledge all the contributions you each have made and continue to make. Thank you. 

With the winter months upon us, I hope you all find some time to enjoy the activities of the season and celebrate your many efforts of this past year.   

I know I will celebrate with gratitude the wonderful new colleagues that I have the pleasure to work with each and every day!

A happy 2022 to all, and here’s to a wonderful 2023.


Silvie Crawford

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