December 2022

CNO by the numbers

What did 2022 look like at CNO? Here are some fun facts and figures about the year that was.

Record registrations

We registered more new nurses than ever before. One of our top priorities during this extraordinary time in health care is the timely registration of applicants who are qualified to provide safe care. By improving our processes and creating collaborative programs, we registered 12,197 new nurses between Jan. 1, 2022, and Dec. 1, 2022 — our highest number ever. Internationally-educated nurses (IENs) also set a record, with 6,727 new registrations over the same time.

Connecting with CNO

Between Jan. 1 and Nov. 29, 2022, our Customer Service team made 59,985 phone calls: We answered your calls 23,688 times, and 31,903 of you chose to have us call you back. Our staff also initiated 4,394 calls to you. Parlez-vous français? Nous aussi! We answered 1,467 calls en francais this year.

Some of you preferred to reach us in writing, and our Customer Service staff responded to 36,504 emails.

Social butterflies

We’re grateful to all of you who follow and connect with us on social media. CNO is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, and this year our community grew by 12,677 new followers. Welcome to all the newcomers! In total, over 78,000 people follow us on social media.

We published almost 3,000 posts across our platforms, and you all liked, commented, and shared them a total of 257,687 times.

We love hearing from you on our platforms — and we respond as often as we can. This year, we sent 5,293 responses on social media.


Of everything we accomplished in 2022, one of the initiatives we are most proud of is the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership (SPEP). By collaborating with Ontario Health and the Ministry of Health to create this innovative new program, we were able to get over 1,000 new nurses registered. As of Dec. 2, we have 549 nursing employers participating in the program, including 309 in long-term care and 93 in the hospital sectors.

SPEP is helping to get nurses into some of the most needed areas. Over 1900 applicants have been matched through SPEP, including 144 to employers in northern and rural communities, 729 into long-term care and 1,109 into hospitals. We’re excited to see how SPEP will continue to help qualified applicants become registered as nurses in 2023 and beyond.

Have a question? Ask practice!

Did you know that CNO has a team of Advanced Practice Consultants ready to answer your questions about nursing accountabilities? These experienced nurses can help you navigate and understand how the standards apply to your practice. In 2022, they responded to over 2,500 inquiries from nurses, employers, unions, associations, educators and members of the public.

You can see the most frequently asked questions on our Ask Practice page. We update it frequently as new questions come in. If you have a question, check our FAQs or write to the team.

Out and about

We gave 42 presentations this year on a wide variety of topics to lots of different audiences. This includes connecting with applicants about changes to the Temporary Class and , talking to students and educators about exams, entry-level competencies, and gap-filler programs, and meeting with system partners, such as the First Nations Inuit Health Branch or the Nursing Program Transformation initiative.

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