Should you accept a patient’s friend request on social media?

Social media use has moved far beyond being just a way to communicate with your friends. It’s now used regularly in most professional settings, including health care. As a result, nurses are facing increased requests from patients to connect on not only professional social media accounts, but on their personal ones as well. So, while trying to balance privacy and boundary requirements, how do you know what social media activity is acceptable and what’s not?

The answer is actually straightforward... 

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Celebrate Nursing Week

This May, we want to take a moment to celebrate you and all you do to ensure the public receives safe care.

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Committees give nurses an opportunity to contribute to patient safety

Each year, we appoint RPNs, RNs and NPs to committees such as Discipline; Fitness to Practise; Inquiries, Complaints and Reports; Quality Assurance; and Registration. In 2018, we improved the way we recruit and appoint nurses to our committees.

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Can I do that? Understanding your scope of practice

A question we frequently receive from nurses is whether an activity falls within their nursing scope of practice. If you are unsure if a specific activity is within your scope of practice, you must consider and answer yes to the following three questions before you proceed...

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What would you do?

You've just started working on a new unit. During a busy day shift, you accidentally give medication to the wrong patient. You’re horrified, and are sure you did the necessary safety checks before administering the medication. On review, you realize two patients on the unit share a last name, and you mixed them up.



You monitor the patient closely. There are no immediate adverse effects. Since the patient seems unharmed, you wonder if the health care team, or the patient and their family, need to be informed.



What do you do next?

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