November 2019

The Code of Conduct and you: Understanding principle 2

Asking yourself, “What’s best for the patient?” is a key part of principle 2 of the Code of Conduct.

Patient-centred care is an essential component of health care. In patient-centred care, nurses consider patients’ individual needs and preferences, and ensure patients are active participants in all aspects of their health care decisions.

While it is up to the patient to determine what course of action they will take, it’s critical the patient is fully informed and understands the procedures or care they are about to receive.

In principle 2 of the Code, nurses help patients by providing clear and timely information and talking to them in ways they understand. It is important to make patients as knowledgeable and comfortable as possible. If a patient doesn’t understand what is happening, or is uncertain or unhappy with the care they are receiving, nurses respond by working with patients to resolve their concerns.

There may be occasions where there are delays or gaps affecting patient care. When this happens, it is important for nurses to explain the reasons for these delays.

When nurses keep patients at the centre of their health care journey and support them at every step of the way, the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship benefits. There is also a lasting positive outcome on their patient experience.

Understanding the Code

Watch our webcast to learn how the Code of Conduct applies to situations you may encounter in your everyday practice.

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