November 2019

Make a difference for Ontarians: Run for Council

If you are passionate about patient safety and quality nursing care, then you should consider becoming a voice for Ontarians by running for election to CNO’s Council.

Council is CNO’s board of directors. As a board, they have one job: to protect the public. Nurses and members of the public sit on Council. Together, they make important decisions that shape the regulation of nursing and promote public safety.

Now is the time to consider running for Council—the nomination period for 2020 Council elections is now open. 

Is running for Council right for me?

If you’re passionate about patient care, then sitting on Council will be a personally and professionally rewarding experience. It’s also a significant accountability. If you are considering putting your name forward for election, this educational video series will help you decide if becoming a member of Council is right for you. The whole series takes about nine minutes to watch.

You can also hear from current members of the board about their experiences on Council.

This year, we’re holding elections in the Eastern, Northeastern, and Northwestern districts. If you are eligible to participate in this election, check your email inbox — we have already sent you the nomination form. You can also learn more about who is eligible to vote, run for election or nominate a colleague at

What’s next?

You can find the nomination form and more information about Council and our election process at

The nomination period closes on Friday, Nov. 22, 2019.

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