Annual Membership Renewal opens Nov. 6

Annual Membership Renewal for 2020 will open on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019.

You must renew your membership with CNO every year to continue practicing as a nurse in Ontario.

Once renewal opens, we’ll send you an email to remind you that you can renew. We’ll also announce it in this magazine and on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

You’ll have until midnight on Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019 to renew. You can renew your membership and pay your fee by logging in to Maintain Your Membership.

While renewal happens once a year, you are required to keep the information you provide up-to-date throughout the year. Update any changes to your contact information, job or business address, or any of the other registrations and licences you hold within 30 days of the change. NPs must also update any changes to their hospital or health facility privileges. You can do this quickly and easily on Maintain your Membership

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Evidence-informed sources are key to safe medication practice

Using a variety of evidence-informed sources is important for any medication practice, including administering, prescribing or dispensing. What’s an evidence-informed source? Examples include...

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The Code of Conduct and you: Understanding principle 2

Asking yourself, “What’s best for the patient?” is a key part of principle 2 of the Code of Conduct.

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Make a difference for Ontarians: Run for Council

If you are passionate about patient safety and quality nursing care, then you should consider becoming a voice for Ontarians by running for election to CNO’s Council.

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Nurses’ reports are key for preventing patient harm

All nurses in all practice settings play a crucial role in identifying serious ADRs and MDIs.

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The Standard has a new publication date

Starting with this issue, your copy of The Standard will arrive in your inbox during the first week of a new month rather than the last week. It’s not a big change, but we wanted you to know.

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When nurses lead, patients are safer

All nurses, regardless of role or title, are leaders. Nurses lead every single day in all practice settings. Nurses lead when they advocate for patients and when they identify risks to patient safety. Nurses also lead when...

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What is sexual abuse?

Nurses should never engage in a sexual or romantic relationship with a patient. A nurse is also not allowed to engage in a sexual or romantic relationship with a patient for a certain length of time after the professional relationship ends. Do you know how long?

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You Asked Us

Do I have to support learners?

I’m a senior nurse in my practice setting, and I’ve been asked to be a preceptor to new nurses. Am I required to take on this role? What are my accountabilities?

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