March 2021

Meet the new members of Council

In June, CNO’s Council (or board of directors) will welcome seven new members. They will contribute to important decisions that shape nursing regulation and promote public safety.

We held elections in early 2021 in the Southwestern and Central Western districts for RNs (including NPs) and RPNs, as well as in the Central Toronto district for RPNs.

The newly elected members are:

Ramona Dunn, RN, Southwestern district
Mary Ellen Renwick, RN, Southwestern district
Mary Furlan, RPN, Southwestern district
Priscilla Ankamah, RN, Central Western district
Aisha Jahangir, RN, Central Western district
Raj Kaur, RPN, Central Western district
Rodolfo D. Lastimosa, Jr, RPN, Central Toronto district

CNO’s Council is made up of nurses who are elected by their peers, as well as public members who the Ontario government appoints. The new members will join a committed team who work together to protect the public, maintain trust in nursing care and build confidence in nursing regulation.

See the complete results of the vote and learn more about Council at:
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