Ontario colleges to independently offer baccalaureate programs

On Dec. 11, 2020, government passed a law allowing Ontario’s colleges of applied arts and technology (CAATs) to offer standalone baccalaureate programs in nursing. Before this change, students obtained baccalaureate degrees in nursing from universities (although many colleges offered students access to this education by collaborating with universities).

CNO's mandate is to protect the public, so whenever the Ministry of Health determines that a regulation change is needed, CNO identifies if it requires changes to regulatory mechanisms. In this case, CNO’s role was to ensure graduates of CAAT baccalaureate programs would be prepared to enter the profession and practice nursing safely, competently, and ethically. Council decided that ...

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Meet the new members of Council

In June, CNO’s Council (or board of directors) will welcome seven new members. They will contribute to important decisions that shape nursing regulation and promote public safety. CNO’s Council is made up of nurses who are elected by their peers, as well as public members who the Ontario government appoints. The new members will join a committed team who work together to protect the public, maintain trust in nursing care and build confidence in nursing regulation. The new members are ...  


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Tell us what you think: exam fees payment process

To become registered with CNO, applicants must meet several requirements, including completing a registration examination. Currently, our Fees By-Law allows CNO to collect various exam-related fees from applicants and then distribute them to the exam provider. To streamline this process, many of these payments are being shifted directly to exam vendors. These changes require updates to the Fees By-Law. 


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What happened at Council?

CNO’s Council, which is its board of directors, met on March 3 and 4, 2021. We have a new issue of Council Decides that recaps these quarterly meetings. Here’s a look at the highlights of the meeting, including some of the decisions Council made and some of CNO’s exciting upcoming projects.

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