March 2020

Shaping regulation: Council election results

In June, CNO’s Council will welcome six new members who will contribute to important decisions that shape the regulation of nursing and promote public safety. Council is CNO’s Board of Directors, made up of nurses who are elected by their peers, as well as public members who the Ontario government appoints.

In January, we held Council elections in Ontario’s Eastern, Northeastern and Northwestern districts. We held elections for two RNs (or NPs) and one RPN in the Eastern district, and one RN (or NP) and one RPN in every other district.

The newly elected members of Council are:

Patricia Sullivan, RN, Eastern district
Neil Hillier, RPN, Eastern district
Bonnie MacKinnon, RN, Northeastern district
Kerry Gartshore, RPN, Northeastern district
Martin Sabourin, RN, Northwestern district
Joseé Wright, RPN, Northwestern district

The new Council members will join a committed team who work together to protect the public, maintain trust in nursing care and build confidence in nursing regulation.

Returning to Council for another term is:

Naomi Thick, RN, Eastern district

See the complete results of the vote and learn more about Council at:
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