January 2021

Building a QA program that works for you

Last year, CNO simplified its Quality Assurance (QA) program because of the COVID-19 pandemic and asked you to focus on reflecting on your practice and unique experiences in the pandemic.

We are aware of the ongoing challenges nurses continue to experience and the impact COVID-19 has on your practice. We appreciate your ongoing commitment to patient safety and providing quality care during these unprecedented times.

Currently, the QA section of our website has resources and tools to assist you in practice reflection, including a video that walks you though how to become a reflective practitioner and a sample Learning Plan.

This year, we are reviewing and modifying QA activities to make sure they meet the needs of nurses during the pandemic while also ensuring public safety. And we plan to add to the QA resources.

For updates on the changes, check the QA section of our website, The Standard and CNO's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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