January 2020

More nurses than ever are contributing to safe nursing care through regulation

We are thrilled with the great response we received when we invited nurses to apply to serve on CNO’s committees.

In September and October 2019, we received applications from 86 nurses for 14 committee vacancies –– a 79% increase in the number of applications from the previous year. It’s encouraging to see so many nurses interested in contributing to safe nursing care through participation in nursing regulation.

As part of Council’s Governance Vision, this is our second year of piloting a new process for committee appointments, which includes:

  • Asking nurses to review education about committees before they apply

  • A competency-based application and assessment process supported by a third party

What’s next?

If you applied to serve and are wondering when you’ll hear back from CNO, please note that the application process lasts several months. Here is a timeline of activities involved:

  • Third party assesses applications and resumés between October and December 2019

  • CNO’s Election and Appointments Committee reviews information to identify a short list of candidates and to prepare its recommendations to Council between January and February 2020

  • Council makes final committee appointments in March 2020

If you submitted an application, you will hear about the outcome of your application in late March 2020.

We will share key themes from the application process in an article in the April edition of The Standard.

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