Learning Modules

Learning modules are designed to help you understand CNO practice standards and other related documents.

Each self-study learning module contains an introduction, learning objectives, content chapters and additional resources, such as a quiz that you can download and complete.

You can watch these modules at any time. However, viewing a module and completing the quiz is not considered a substitute for reading the practice standard or document.

Watching a learning module is self-directed and anonymous. CNO does not issue certificates for completion.

  • Consent

    Nurses have professional and legal obligations for obtaining consent. The College's Consent practice guideline provides an overview of the major features of the relevant legislation, pertinent definitions and the steps that nurses need to take to obtain consent. Objectives Identify the major...

  • Documentation

    Clear, comprehensive and accurate documentation is an integral part of safe and effective nursing practice. Documentation provides a record of the judgment and critical thinking used in professional practice, and provides an account of the nurse’s unique contribution to health care. The...

  • Ethics

    The consideration of ethical issues is an essential component of providing care within the therapeutic nurse-client relationship. Nurses often encounter ethical situations in their everyday practice. Understanding and communicating the client’s beliefs and values, as well as their own, helps nurses...

  • Medication

    This learning module is no longer available. Please refer to the: Medication Decision Tool, Medication Practice Standard: An Overview webcast,  Critical Inquiry and Evidence-Informed Practice webcast

  • Professional Standards

    The Professional Standards practice standard provides an overall framework for the practice of nursing and links with other practice standards, guidelines and competencies developed by the College of Nurses of Ontario. Objectives Identify seven professional standard statements. Describe the...

  • Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship

    At the core of nursing is the therapeutic nurse-client relationship. The College's Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship, Revised 2006, practice standard describes the expectations for all nurses in establishing, maintaining and terminating a therapeutic relationship. Objectives Identify the five...

  • Utilization of RNs and RPNs

    This learning module is no longer available. Please refer to the RN and RPN Practice: The Client, the Nurse and the Environment webcast, or review the practice document RN and RPN Practice: The Client, the Nurse and the Environment.

  • Temporary Class Learning Module

    CNO’s Temporary Class Learning Module provides an overview of nursing regulation in Ontario. It is designed to help applicants better understand the legal and ethical issues, and the professional accountabilities of the nursing profession. The learning module is divided into five sections. Each...

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