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Competency-based education for internationally educated applicants

This page lists competency-based gap-filler programs and courses CNO recommends for internationally educated applicants in need of further education to meet their learning needs. These programs and courses offer an efficient path towards meeting CNO’s Education Requirement.

If you require additional education, you should:

  • Review your Competency Assessment Form (CAF) to know what learning needs you have outstanding
  • Review the list of programs/courses below to identify which ones best match your learning needs
  • Choose the appropriate program or course

Your CAF will suggest that you pursue a multi-course program or select individual courses to complete your learning requirements. You do not have to take the courses CNO recommends. However, if you decide to take different courses beyond what CNO recommends, they may not meet the education registration requirement.

Multi-course programs – RN 

Multi-course programs – RPN

Individual courses for RNs by school

Additional accepted programs

The following programs meet all entry-level competencies:

To see all CNO approved nursing programs, click here.




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Page last reviewed July 04, 2024