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Reinstatement regulation changes FAQs

CNO recently made changes to Reinstatement regulations. The following FAQs respond to commonly asked questions related to these changes.

What are the changes to the reinstatement requirement?

CNO now has the authority to determine the number of years an applicant can be out of practice before reinstating. Changes to the reinstatement process provide CNO with the flexibility to review each applicant for reinstatement individually to ensure that they are safe and competent to practice. This includes discretion to extend the Evidence of Practice beyond three years.

How will CNO ensure former nurses who are out of practice for more than three years are safe to practice?

Our research shows there are many factors that impact knowledge retention.  For example, the number of years a nurse practices in Ontario before taking leave impacts how long they retain knowledge. When assessing applications for reinstatement, CNO will take individual factors into consideration for applicants who previously practiced in Ontario.  Applicants would also have to show CNO that they have experience practicing. 

With this new regulation, will I still need to provide Evidence of Practice for reinstatement? 

Yes. All applicants are required to demonstrate Evidence of Practice regardless of how long it has been since you have practiced. Evidence of Practice is a public safety measure to ensure that you can still apply CNO’s standards into practice.

What options do I have to meet Evidence of Practice if mine has expired or if CNO declines my application for an extension?   

There are several ways to meet the Evidence of Practice requirement:  

No other options are being considered at this time.





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Page last reviewed November 11, 2022