Reinstatement requests fall into one of three categories: 

1. Reinstatement following a member’s certificate being expired or resigned.

The most common type of reinstatement requests comes from former members who wish to re-enter the College by reinstating  previously held certificates or current members who hold a certificate in one category (RN or RPN) and want to reinstate a previously held certificate in another category. 

2. Reinstatement from the Non-Practising Class to the General or Extended classes.

This is the process by which members in the College’s Non-Practising Class can return to practice by reinstating their membership in the General or Extended Class. 

If you are a nurse in the Non-Practising class who desires to return to practice after being away from practice for more than three years but less than eight years, the Supervised Practice Experience (SPE) may be a great option for you.

3. Reinstatement from the General Class to the Extended Class.

This is the process by which current General Class members who left the Extended Class can return to that class and resume practising as NPs.

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