Classes of Registration

A registration class is defined as a group that is based on your nursing education and type of nursing practice. The College has a number of practising classes and the Non-Practising class. Most of our members are RPNs and RNs, and are registered in the General Class. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are registered in the Extended Class.

All nurses registered with the College belong to one of the following six classes:


Most nurses registered with the College belong to the General Class. Both Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses belong in this class.

To register in the General Class, you must show that you have experience practising as a nurse within the past three years. This experience is called “evidence of practice.” Your nursing practice can take place in a variety of settings and performing different roles and responsibilities. However, you must be registered in the jurisdiction in which you are practising for us to recognize it as evidence of practice.

There is no minimum number of hours required.

It is also important to note that the College doesn’t recognize time spent caring for a friend or family member as evidence of recent practice. Please do not use this as evidence of practice when registering in the General Class.

Extended (Nurse Practitioners)

The Extended Class is for RNs who have additional education and clinical experience that allows them to practise as Nurse Practitioners. Members in this class have an expanded scope of practice, with the authority to diagnose, prescribe medication, perform procedures, and order and interpret diagnostic tests.


The Non-Practising Class is for members who want to remain College members at times when they are not practising nursing in Ontario.


The Temporary Class is an option for applicants who have met all the registration requirements for the General Class except completing the registration exam. Members in this class are allowed to practise under defined terms and conditions. They can join the General Class after they pass the exam.

Special Assignment

The Special Assignment Class is a time-limited registration for nurses who have an appointment as an RN or RPN with an approved facility in Ontario. Members in this class can only practise within the scope of their appointment and only under defined terms and conditions.

Emergency Assignment

The Emergency Assignment Class comes into force when the provincial government declares an emergency and asks the College to issue Emergency Assignment certificates of registration to qualified nurses.

Page last reviewed June 26, 2020