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Nurse Practitioner practice standard

This webcast is an overview of the Nurse Practitioner practice standard. It is intended to help Registered Nurses in the Extended Class apply the accountabilities in the NP practice standard, and to help others understand NP practice. 

This webcast is divided into six sections. Each will take approximately five minutes to complete. 

Section 1: Introduction and scope of practice

 How nurses in the Extended Class differ from nurses in the General Class.

Section 2: Standards 

The documents, laws, and standards that NPs must apply to their practice. 

Section 3: Health assessment and diagnosis 

The different types of health assessments, the diagnostic process, and NPs’ accountabilities when ordering tests.

Section 4: Therapeutic management 

The pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical therapies and procedures that NPs order. 

Section 5: Other medication practices 

The requirements and restrictions for dispensing medications. 

Section 6: Controlled substances 

The requirements and restrictions for prescribing and dispensing controlled substances. 

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