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AGRE: Transparency principles

  1. The mandate of regulators is public protection and safety. The public needs access to appropriate information in order to trust that this system of self-regulation works effectively.

  2. Providing more information to the public has benefits, including improved patient choice and increased accountability for regulators.

  3. Any information provided should enhance the public’s ability to make decisions or hold the regulator accountable. This information needs to be relevant, credible and accurate.

  4. In order for information to be helpful to the public, it must:
    • be timely, easy to find and understand.
    • include context and explanation.

  5. Certain regulatory processes intended to improve competence may lead to better outcomes for the public if they happen confidentially.

  6. Transparency discussions should balance the principles of public protection and accountability, with fairness and privacy.

  7. The greater the potential risk to the public, the more important transparency becomes.

  8. Information available from colleges about members and processes should be similar.
Page last reviewed November 04, 2019