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Discipline Decisions

Legislation requires the College to publish the results of public hearings held by its Discipline Committee. To fulfil this requirement, the College publishes summaries of decisions and provides links to full-text, neutralized versions of its decisions under the member's profile on Find A Nurse.

Decision documents are posted after the Discipline Committee has released its written decision (within 2-3 months), and the College has reviewed the decision to remove identifying information to protect the privacy of individuals involved.  This process may take up to 6 months.

Information that is subject to a publication ban or could reveal the identity of witnesses or clients, including the name of the facility, has been removed.

For decisions not found here, please contact the Communications Department.


Discipline Decisions

Name: Member Number: Hearing Date:
Ayres, Edna 7435688 August 7-8, 2001
Azevedo, Eduardo 9026899 October 7, 2011
Azevedo, Eduardo HG10329 October 7, 2011
Babb, Courtney IG81444 July 4, 2005
Backstrom, Erin AA795890 March 13, 2017
Baker, Tanis IB02201 March 16, 2012
Baldin, Anna HF06238 April 20, 2001
Baldin, Anna HF06238 April 19, 2010
Ball, Catherine D. 7344245 January 31, 2002
Balog, Diane B. 7313364 June 26, 2006
Barnswell, Loraine ID07412 October 26, 2006
Barrow, Graham AD080077
Barry, Cheryl Lynette HF06642 December 11 and 12, 2006
Basarke, Kiren HF11998 June 16-17, 1998
Basil, Priya 0417451 September 26, 2016
Basilio, Terri-Ann II10241 April 4, 2016
Bass, Jeff IA06881 September 24, 2010
Beaumont, Miriam D. FH18433 February 22, 2000
Beauparlant, Tamara JE01148 June 11, 2014
Becker, Katharine Anne R. HH06747 December 4, 2001
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