November 2021

Your practice questions: How we help

Consulting with others about your practice is one way to support your nursing practice when questions arise. CNO responds to over 400 practice inquiries each month. Our Practice Consultants are available to help you access the tools you need to make the best decisions for providing safe, competent and ethical nursing care throughout your career.

There are many different ways we can help. Our Practice Consultants can explain how the Code of Conduct and other standards of practice apply to your practice situation. We can also direct you to appropriate resources, such as educational tools, FAQs and documents to help guide you. As well, we help you identify and understand your nursing accountabilities and scope of practice, and refer you to additional sources of information.

Complex questions

Nursing practice is complex and can vary based on legislation and employer policies that apply to specific practice settings. It’s not always possible for our Practice Consultants to provide a simple yes or no answer to your question. While we can provide information to guide your decision-making, it’s up to you to reflect and determine if you have the knowledge, skill and judgment to make any practice-related decisions or to proceed with any task or role.

When you send us a question, we commit to protecting your privacy and confidentiality. Our Practice Support FAQ page gives more detail on how we protect your information when making inquiries.

CNO always provides support for questions about your nursing accountabilities. However, you may have other questions about the profession that are more appropriate for a system partner, such as an association or union. CNO supports safe, quality nursing practice together with our partners. Visit our Partners in Patient Safety page to find out who to go to for answers.

Connect with Practice Support to send us your practice related questions.

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