May 2023

CNO delivers featured presentation at AdvantAge Convention

Conference is part of CNO’s outreach to the public and nurses 

The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) protects the public by promoting safe nursing practice. This includes articulating and promoting practice standards to nurses, health care partners and the public.

CNO participated in the AdvantAge Ontario 2023 Convention on April 19 and 20 in Toronto to answer questions from nurses, employers and health care partners, share the latest news and deliver insights.

CNO was one of over 80 exhibitors at the senior care-focused convention and delivered a featured presentation.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to share our latest work to modernize applicant assessment and highlight forthcoming updates to the Code of Conduct,” said Angela McNabb, CNO’s manager for registration modernization, who presented alongside Advanced Practice Consultant Allyson Nowell. Additional subjects covered in the presentation were our work to transform Quality Assurance and scope changes.

Convention attendees were also encouraged by CNO to check out the Code of Conduct changes and resources that are available on our website. The changes will take effect as of Monday, June 5, 2023.

“Modernizing the registration process to assist applicants to complete their registration in a timely way, while protecting public safety, has produced outcomes we’re proud of,” said McNabb, who added that CNO continues to build on that progress.

Among those outcomes is that CNO has registered over 1,500 nurses through the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership (SPEP) since its inception in January 2022. CNO also set a record for new internationally educated nurses registered in 2022, doubling the previous record.

Over the past year, SPEP has helped support staffing needs at Ontario’s long-term care homes (LTCHs). As of March 31, 333 LTCH employers had signed up for the SPEP program, and 1,011 nursing applicants have been matched with LTCHs.

Nurses and health care partners also visited CNO staff at our exhibitor booth, where we answered questions and shared news about changes to the Code, standards and more.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to hear from members, the public and leaders in long-term care,” said Cindy Lee, a CNO Advanced Practice Consultant and Registered Nurse.

Among the subjects that CNO answered questions about were the new code of conduct, scope of practice and ongoing consultations.

“After three years of the pandemic I’m so grateful for the chance to share our latest news in person,” she added.

Members who have questions can always reach out to CNO on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, or via our customer service line.

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