March 2023

CNO considers fee increase to protect public safety

Fees support core regulatory work

Nurses in Ontario have a long history of self-regulation in the public interest.

To protect the public by promoting safe nursing practice, CNO’s operations are supported by annual membership renewal and application fees. This year, we are considering increasing fees to continue regulating nursing in the public interest, and to maintain public confidence and safety, while remaining financially sustainable.  

“It is a step we take with consideration and following due diligence — CNO only raises fees when necessary to ensure financial sustainability,” says Stephen Mills, Chief Administrative Officer. “We know that a fee increase is never easy and this comes at a challenging time for nurses and the health care system,” he added.

Fees support our regulatory work registering nurses, setting the standards for safe practice, ensuring nurses engage in Quality Assurance, and responding to concerns. These include initiatives such as Modernizing Applicant Assessment, the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership and modernizing registration requirements. We are also transforming the Quality Assurance Program, and support an annual average of 60,000 phone calls and 36,000 emails from nurses like you.

Under the proposal the annual membership renewal fee would increase from $270 to $340 for 2024. It is the first proposed CNO fee increase in five years, and with it, Ontario nurses will still have the lowest annual membership fees of any regulated health care profession in Ontario. It is also an amount that is at the low end of what is paid by nurses in other provinces. 

At its March 9 meeting, Council discussed the proposed fee increase and reviewed the financial projections of CNO, considering whether the proposed increase would be necessary for CNO to continue to regulate nursing for the province.

The proposal is now open for public consultation and you can share your thoughts. Visit our public consultation page to provide feedback until Tuesday, May 23, 2023. You can also read our FAQs about fee changes on our website.

CNO will collect the feedback and share a detailed report with Council, who will review prior to their discussion at the June meeting. 

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