March 2022

Better ways for applicants to show language proficiency

As part of CNO’s ongoing efforts to modernize our application and assessment processes, we’ve updated our Language Proficiency policy to further enhance public safety and make the process more efficient for applicants.

As of March 7, 2022, applicants can demonstrate language proficiency, in English and French, through education, nursing practice, testing or practice experience in a health care-related setting in Canada. Applicants can also demonstrate language proficiency if they hold or previously held a certificate of registration with a nursing regulator in Canada.

The new Language Proficiency policy is one way CNO is modernizing the applicant assessment process to create efficiencies, move applicants into the profession and improve their experience. What makes the policy different is that applicants now have better options to demonstrate language proficiency through nursing or health care-related practice experiences or education settings.

Once an applicant submits their evidence, we will review it and contact the individual through the Applicant Portal to let them know if they meet the requirement.  

Grounded in our accountability to register safe applicants, we continue our work in other areas to support applicants with processes that are evidence-informed, fair, ​inclusive and effective, contributing to improving public access to safe nursing care.

This includes the recent launch of the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership to help applicants complete evidence of practice, and work on the nursing education requirement.

Visit CNO’s page on Modernizing Applicant Assessments for updates.


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