March 2019

New language on Find a Nurse describes NPs who don’t prescribe controlled substances

We have changed the language on our public Register, Find a Nurse, that describes NPs who have not completed controlled substances education.

Previously, the status said, “entitled to practise with restrictions.” It also included this description in the NP’s information tab: “This member cannot prescribe controlled substances. They have not completed the education needed to do so.”

Some of you told us you were concerned that “restrictions” might be mistaken as a conduct matter. Based on feedback we received from nurses, employers and other stakeholders, we decided to change the wording to more accurately describe a nurse’s practice status.

The new statement now says: “Entitled to practice. Cannot prescribe controlled substances until specialized education is completed.”

Specialized education includes a course that Council has approved or an NP program that has controlled substances content in its curriculum.

Visit our NPs and Prescribing Controlled Substances page for more information.

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